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As I ponder my journey I see more and more how my work here on this planet is about bridging modern formal counseling, healing and teaching practices with the older wise ways of the medicine men and women. Those who came before us….the elders, the shamans, the spirit walkers, the midwives, the herbalists, the crazy old woman in the ramble-down house who gave out her unique brand of holistic medicine to those lined up at her back screen door….to all we owe so much. Today thankfully is there is a resurgance of natural holistic mind body spirit healing. To my mind a form of counseling that does not give credence to this holistic modality misses the very point of healing. Most of psychology today is the study of behavior, mental processes, and human functioning, and while this is very important, the true meaning of psychology, the root word being psyche meaning breath, life, spirit, has been lost. But as more and more counselors and healers bridge the old and the new a true psychology of the spirit is being born.

So today I bring you the musing of my first blog post. I hope you will join me as we journey together through the labyrinth of healing, counseling and spirtual matters. My postings will consist of tidbits of wisdom around a plethura of subjects ranging from totem animals, dreams, symbols, to the more modern concerns of manifesting, relationships, and finding balance in one’s life. So I hope you will venture forth with me and chime in whenever you’d like.

My goal is to create a community of wise souls who are interested in collaborating on living life abundantly, finding our heart’s desire, and recognizing the ever evolving spiral dance of the Universe.

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