Messages From A Red-Tailed Hawk

There are several resident red-tailed hawks in my neighborhood. They’ve shown themselves to me many times over the last few weeks as I walk or drive about. One is beautifully large, with a cream spotted breast and giant wingspan. The other is smaller, younger I’m sure. I imagine that they are mother and daughter…..the older, wiser one guiding the way for the younger. The medicine, or power, of the hawk is to be a messenger; encouraging us to pay attention and take note of the gentle nudgings, promptings, signs, and synchronicities all around us. Sometimes we go through life on auto pilot and miss these important exchanges even when they are right in front of our noses. Hawk reminds us to listen intently to the voice of wisdom within us, our intuition, our soul’s voice. Some say we speak to God through prayer and God speaks back through our intuition. I believe this. Today I will be like the hawk and stay alert for the communications from Spirit. Today I will listen to the voice within and heed the messages.

Diving In

Coming out of deep grief. Coming out of deep anger, or pain or suffering of any kind. Coming out of deep doo doo of our own making. Feeling as if one can finally take a full breath again. Realizing how long one has been breathing shallowly. Allowing the whoosh of air to go all the way in and come back out with an audible Ahhhhhh. Decompressing. Elements within coming back into alignment. Perhaps how it must feel to the bear as it comes out of hibernation from a deep winter’s sleep. Taking that first intense breath of clean, sweet spring air. Sometimes we are asleep for days, months, even years. What if coming out is actually diving in? Diving into the treasure that lies at the center of our hearts.  If we allow the descent, we find the pearl. The pearl at great price, borrowed from the parables of Jesus, and later used by Carl Jung to represent the archetypal journey to wholeness. Today I will recognize that coming out is actually diving in. Today I will seek the pearl. The one that has my name on it.

In Memory of Maggie

Beautiful Maggie

Beautiful Maggie

Dear Friends,

On October 16, 2008, at 3:32 pm, Maggie crossed over into her spirit home. All will remember her as a Light that steadfastly and with great love, shined on some of our darkest moments. She taught me not only how to be a better counselor, but how to be a better human being. Whenever I struggled to live in the present moment, I need look no further than Maggie, for she and all our furry friends, only live in the now of every moment. What a teacher she has been for many of you and me as well.

Although I “rescued” Maggie on a busy road in Buffalo Gap Texas 9 years ago, it was I who was truly saved that day, for she always gave far more than I could ever give back. Who could’ve known that a scared, lost yellow dog, covered in red clay dirt would become a beautiful, golden angel who would enter our hearts and leave us better for the experience. I’ve always known that I was the one truly blessed in this relationship, and it has been a sacred honor to be her caretaker. I was her spirit mother, and at the same time her grand-daughter, for Maggie was indeed the Grandmother spirit we all long for and hope to experience; she was all loving, all accepting, all comforting, and all-knowing. God smiled on me the day she entered my life, and every day that followed. I am eternally grateful for all the days that I got to spend in her presence and would do it all again in a heartbeat. I will miss her more than words could ever express.

Will Rogers said, “If there are no dogs in heaven, then I want to go where they are.” I’m with you all the way, Will! What extraordinary creatures our pets are and how fortunate we are to share space and time with them. I know people who after experiencing the gut-wrenching loss of an animal, decide never to have one again because it just hurts to bad to lose them. Although I understand how hard the loss is, I could not forego the joyful bounty of their company. For me, the love and companionship far out-weigh the depth of despair that comes when we must say good-bye, and it is despair as deep as an abyss and as wide as the horizon. So thank you, Maggie, for being there for me during some pretty tough times, for loving me through it all, and for brightening my days with your glowing aura. As we sat, for the last time, in the light of the moon a few nights ago and said some of our good-byes, you let me know that everything will be Ok; even this. I know you are right.

Maggie, I believe you are in the spirit land of heaven, and even the angels, having missed your special light while you were here with me, are glad you’ve come home. Tell them I said “thank you” for loaning you to me. Give my Daddy, Trevor, and Freda big kisses from me, as well as all my other loved ones in that beautiful land. Yesterday I asked for your promise that you’d be there waiting for me when it’s my time to cross, and I know you won’t let me down. So go chase squirrels and eat all the coconut cake you want my love. I will see you in the sweet by and by.

With love,