Thank You All

Thanks to all of you who have sent your condolences for the loss of Maggie. Some of you have shared your memories and heart-warming stories of Maggie’s influence in your lives and they have been so appreciated by me. Whether Maggie was comforting someone’s tears, dancing with delight in anticipation of a walk or dinner, or snoozing in the sunlight she was an inspiration. 

Additionally many of you have shared personal stories regarding your furry friends and the place they hold in your hearts. Some stories have been of similar loss and others have recounted the ability animals have to move and inspire us. A few have shared their bittersweet knowing that the days with their favorite companion are also limited.  We have such a short time with them, it seems unfair really. And, yet, most of us, myself included, will take whatever time is alloted us, and be grateful for what we get. They never complain so why should we?

So thank you again to all who have reached out with a precious, healing balm for my broken heart.